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Greetings everyone! With our server, Frosky, we are looking to build a strong community of active players from all over the world.

Frosky is essentially a perfectly balanced semi-vanilla server.
We offer voting ranks that will earn you more sethomes over time as well as a physical voting currency to buy custom enchanted tools, armor, weapons, and items from the spawn shop to keep things interesting. Some custom enchants to list off are the Lava Sponge, Void Totem, and an axe that breaks trees with one swing! Raiding/griefing is allowed so be sure to keep your head on a swivel and to build out in a safe location.

Please treat each other with kindness and respect, we're all here to game and have a good time!

We just released a PvP arena and Player Shops, come have a look :)

Combat Log System: When in combat with another player you will be tagged for 30 seconds. If you leave while in combat you will die and drop your loot.

Custom Enchants:
Lava Sponge: Sponge that soaks up lava!
I'm Feeling Fortunate: Fortune 5 Pickaxe
Word Edit: Efficiency 10 Pickaxe
Lorax: Custom craftable axe that breaks a whole tree with one swing)
Sword of Tyche: Looting 5 and Smite 6 sword)
Void Totem: Get teleported to a nearby island if you fall in the void)
WACK STICK: Knockback 10 stick
And more!