Fun Minecraft Servers

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Minecraft Survival Servers

#1 AppleMC
#2 Vanilla Playground
#3 MCHub
#4 Azalea Realms
#5 Mineseed SMP
#6 Complex Gaming
#8 MelonSMP
#9 AnubisMC
#11 Valatic
#12 2B2T
#13 ABMC
#14 Advancius Network ⭐FREE RANKS⭐
#15 Applecraft
#16 Armageddon!
#17 Blaze Gaming
#18 Blogs
#19 Boosted Survival
#20 CatCraft SMP+
#21 CosmicSurvival
#22 CraftYourTown
#23 CrystalCraft
#24 CyborgMC
#25 DonutSMP

What are Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft servers are a fun way to connect with other people from around the world in a sanbox environment, either in survival mode, creative mode, or any number of other custom gamemodes! You may be asking, what are the most Fun Minecraft Servers? Well, the answer to that question depends on what type of gameplay you enjoy the most. We offer a range of top-quality Minecraft servers on this site, including factions, skyblock, bed wars, towny, vanilla servers and much more! The highest qualtiy servers are listed at the top of the site. The sky's the limit here on Fun Minecraft Servers.

What's a Minecraft Server List?

A Minecraft server list is a website dedicated to providing you the most fun Minecraft servers from across the world. These server lists are usually discovered through search engines such as Google, providing an easy way for people to find the best Minecraft servers with very little hassle. At the top of the page, you can click on different categories to filter the servers by their different gamemodes, such as MCMMO servers. This allows you to find the exact Minecraft server you're looking for. You can also use the search box up above to search for specific Minecraft servers, if you're looking for a specific one. The choice is yours! You can also add a minecraft server of your own. We welcome all server owners to do so!

How do I Join Minecraft Servers?

To play Minecraft servers, first you must get a copy of Minecraft if you don't have one already. Once you've installed and launched Minecraft, click on the "Multiplayer" button, and then click on the "Add Server" button. Find a server you like on this website and copy the IP underneath the banner, then paste it under the "Server Address" box and click the "Done" button. The Minecraft server will appear in your list of servers, and you can now double-click on it to join the game. Make sure you follow the rules of the server, or the owner might ban you. Have fun!